Anna University,Coimbatore


1. Voltage tracking control using fuzzy PI controller

2. Fault detection and isolation for PPC

3. An approach to plaque characterization using SVM classifier

4. Design and application of testing of electronic equipment on networked virtual instruments

5. Increase DG insertion in electrical distribution systems by reducing line losses

6. Power quality improvement for grid connected wind energy system using PID tuned d-STATCOM

7. A fuzzy-optimization approach for generation scheduling with wind and solar energy systems

8. Direct Current Vector Control of PMSG based Wind Energy Conversion System

9. Analyzing the impact on insulated dipole antenna in human body tissues

10. Design of Bridgeless CUK converter for power factor correction

11. Mobile phone radiation analysis in human brain

Control of hybrid system using multi-input inverter and maximum power point tracking

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Anna University,Coimbatore