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                 Entrepreneurship is“the person who plays a certain price for a product to resell it at an uncertain price, thereby making decisions about obtaining and using the resources while consequently admitting the risk of enterprise.” Irish-French economist Richard Castillo “Dictionaries Universal de Commerce”, 1723.


  • To develop entrepreneurial skills and self-employment opportunities among student community.
  • To develop employment opportunities, value added jobs and services.
  • To identify the current business opportunities through financial institutions and venture capitalist and to assist business development, growth, operate and reduce the failure of start-up businesses.
  • To create awareness about technology incubation and commercialization of R&D products and processes.

Key Activities

Business Incubator - Micro Small and Medium Enterprise, New Delhi

  • 10 Incubates will be provided with financial Assistants with maximum grant of 6.25 lakh.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Programme (IEDP) Coimbatore Hub

  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) – An Autonomous Society of the Government of Tamil Nadu assisted programme.
  • 28 Institutions are joined as spoke institution for this IEDP.

Centre of Excellence “Industrial Automation” (CoEIA)

  • Established by Micro Small and Medium Enterprise – (PPDC), Agra.
  • Cater training on Industrial Automation and Robotics.

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