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  •              The Department of Nanoscience and Technology at the Anna University Regional Campus Coimbatore is the top rated for teaching in higher education and research in Tamilnadu. With excellent facilities and services combined with a wealth of expertise, Nanotechnology at Anna University Regional Campus Coimbatore has much to offer our constituent colleges. Collaborators in industries and in other research organizations enjoy working with us on mutually beneficial projects.

    Department of Nanoscience and Technology’s academics are at the forefront of developments in the higher education and research towards nanotechnology and many other subjects. At the forefront of nanotechnology research stretching across the boundaries of Science and Engineering; from controlled assembly of nanostructured materials to design of advanced materials. A new state-of -the-art research laboratories housing a comprehensive suite of experimental facilities ranging from UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Adsorption measurements and surface imaging tools have been well established. The department offers highly competitive two years/four semester M.Tech. programme in Nanoscience and Technology. The aim of this programme is to lead up students in cutting-edge nanotechnology. We are committed and ensure that the best candidates are able to start their own research towards social development.

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