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* Applied Electronics laboratory

  •           The Applied Electronics Lab is equipped with MSP 430 Microcontroller, Beagle bone black board, MSP 430 F2013 starter kit, TMS320C 6678 Multicore DSP Processor Kit and Application boards for implementing both basic and advanced experiments. In addition to that the Lab is equipped with state of equipments which include 20 Workbenches each consisting of inbuilt CRO, Function Generator, RPS, Ammeters and Voltmeters. Also 10 Desktop Computers have been interfaced with the Workbenches and they are loaded with EDA tool like MultiSim.

* Communication Systems Laboratory

  •           The Communication Systems Lab equipped with Optical Fiber kits, Analog and Digital Communication kits. The DSP Lab equipped with Code Composer Studio Software and latest DSP Trainer Kits namely TMS320C5416 and TMS320C6713.

* VLSI Design Laboratory

  •            The VLSI Design lab was developed with a motive of encouraging research activities of the Post Graduate Students. The lab consists of 20 Desktop Computers loaded with software’s such as Micro wind, Quartus-II & Active HDL, Keil, MP lab, IAR Workbench and Modelsim.

    • LCD Projectors available in all class rooms
    • Exclusive Project Laboratory
    • Separate Library is maintained in the Department
    • Exclusive Audio Visual facilities are available for conducting Seminars, Workshops and other technical activities.

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